Computer Prosthetics

Computer Prosthetics

Cerec 3D is a revolutionary system for the computer design and execution of more majestic all-ceramic crowns and bridges, and what is very important, to perform them without taking unpleasant impressions and shortening the whole treatment to one visit.

The traditional way of making prosthetic restorations after proper tooth preparation requires taking impressions which may be uncomfortable for the patient. The impressions are sent to the prosthetic laboratory.

Thanks to the Cerec 3D system, we scan previously prepared teeth with the Cerec Bluecam camera, which allows us to obtain a picture of full dentition in the computer. The scanned patient’s dentition is a virtual model on the basis of which we can design all-ceramic crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, connectors and implant crowns.

To make the above mentioned restorations in a prosthetic laboratory in a traditional way it usually takes from a few to several days, thanks to Cerec 3D the process can be shortened from a few to several minutes. For example, a single crown or veneer can be made in a dentist’s office for about 5 days, today we can make it within 30-50 minutes in the office, depending on the material chosen by the patient.

An additional advantage of computer prosthetics is the possibility to see the designed crowns on the screen and take into account at this stage the patient’s suggestions concerning the shape and appearance of their new teeth.

If we have already made a virtual crown or other prosthetic restoration, which has been accepted by the patient, it is left to choose the type and colour of the material from which our work will be cut by Cerec MCXL milling machine. The average time of cutting out a crown is about 15 minutes.

The accuracy of computer-made crowns reaches 0.2 micrometers, which is not possible to achieve in the traditional way and approximately corresponds to the diameter of dental cement grain. After cutting out the crown is finally disguised in terms of colour, the characteristic features of the colour and shape of teeth are added, then we can finally cement it in the patient’s mouth. The average time needed to make a crown is 1.5-2 hours instead of 5-7 days.

Advantages of computer prosthetics:

  1. Reduce treatment time to one visit;
  2. No temporary crowns or bridges;
  3. No unpleasant impressions;
  4. Much more accurate work;
  5. High aesthetics;
  6. Possibility to visualize performed crowns and bridges;
  7. No unaesthetic metal