Ozone therapies

Ozone therapies

An innovative, increasingly used by dentists method of caries treatment is ozone-assisted therapy. It uses the outstanding biological activity of ozone, a killer gas for bacteria that are responsible for the formation and development of caries while being less invasive to the patient.

Ozone penetrates into the affected tissues and destroys microbes.

Sometimes, after applying ozone therapy at initial carious lesions (so-called discoloration), even boriding can be avoided. In such cases, the ozone-treated tooth undergoes remineralisation, i.e. rebuilding and strengthening.

In Poland, ozone therapy is still a rarely used method of caries treatment, while in Western Europe and the United States this method is used by many dentists. And no wonder, because it is a comfortable procedure for the patient, and also gives good results for small cavities. The use of ozone in dentistry is effective especially for young children due to the painlessness and short duration of this procedure.

Yes, ozone treatment can be used to treat both milk and permanent teeth. It consists in introducing ozone into the defect and then its rapid suction. Ozone in a virtually painless way destroys bacteria, quickly reaching the affected tissues.

Unfortunately not. The only effective method of treating extensive and deep caries changes is still a traditional drill.