Metamorphosis 1

Direct restoration of upper and lower teeth using the flow injection method during two visits.

Metamorphosis 2

Occlusal correction after orthodontic treatment. Ceramic veneers on the upper teeth. Composite veneers on the lower teeth.

Metamorphosis 3

Prosthodontic reconstruction. Restoration of teeth in lateral sections with metal and porcelain bridges. Direct restoration of anterior teeth with composite material.

Metamorphosis 4

Smile planning using DSD (Digital Smile Design). Adjustment of asymmetrical gingival festoon arrangement (surgical lengthening of the clinical crowns of teeth). Reconstruction of teeth using veneers and ceramic crowns.

Metamorphosis 5

Prosthodontic treatment with ceramic veneers.

Metamorphosis 6

Orthodontic treatment based on the Invisalign system and direct restoration of worn incisal edges with composite material (bonding).

Metamorphosis 7

Orthodontic treatment based on the Invisalign system.

Metamorphosis 8

Prosthodontic treatment – ceramic veneers on incisal teeth and restoration of missing teeth with ceramic bridges.

Metamorphosis 9

Restoration of anterior teeth with ceramic veneers.

Metamorphosis 10

Change in the shape and color of anterior teeth as a result of direct restoration with composite material.

Metamorphosis 11

Adjustment of the shape and color of maxillary teeth using ceramic veneers.

Metamorphosis 12

All-ceramic veneers on anterior teeth and crowns on implants in lateral sections.

Metamorphosis 13

Reconstruction of the masticatory organ. Gum surgery. Zirconia ceramic bridge and ceramic veneers.

Metamorphosis 14

Digital Smile Design (DSD). Prosthodontic treatment – zirconia ceramic bridge and all-ceramic veneers.

Metamorphosis 15

Direct restoration of teeth with composite material using the flow injection technique (during a single visit).

Metamorphosis 16

Gingivectomy – zirconia-supported porcelain veneers and bridges.

Metamorphosis 17

Reconstruction of the masticatory organ using ceramic veneers.

Metamorphosis 18

Reconstruction of the masticatory organ. Metal and porcelain bridges in lateral sections, allceramic crowns on upper incisors and composite veneers on lower teeth.