About the Clinic


Dozens of patients visit our dental clinic every day. They differ in many ways – gender, age, occupation, education level, interests. They have different life experiences, as well as those of previous dental treatment. They also visit the dentist for different medical reasons. Each patient is special and unique to us and deserves respect and the best possible care during the entire visit – from the moment they cross the threshold of the clinic to the time when they leave. Taking your comfort and convenience into consideration, we have prepared this guide, which will answer your questions, as well as provide you with details about how our clinic operates and what the roles that each patient may play are.

About the clinic

Vinci Clinic is the continuation and culmination of 35 years of clinical experience of doctor Tomasz Maria Kercz, a practicing dentist, formerly an academic lecturer, organizer of training sessions for dental professionals and medical media publisher. We aim high, hence the reference to Leonardo da Vinci, who always strived for perfection and at the same time often introduced revolutionary solutions. We adhere to a philosophy where examination and treatment should be treated in a holistic way. Therefore, we focus not only on our patients’ teeth, but on the entire masticatory system, including the teeth, gums, mucous membrane, muscles, and temporomandibular joints. At Vinci Clinic, we listen to our patients’ expectations from the very beginning and then – based on our knowledge and experience, and with the support of state-of-the-art technology – we examine the patient. After making the diagnosis, we implement a comprehensive treatment plan using innovative methods and high–end instrumentation. We make our patients’ dreams come true by giving them a beautiful and healthy smile they have always wanted. We hope that you will be convinced of the value of a unique combination of passion, professionalism and experience of the Vinci Clinic team, supported by technology worthy of the 21st century.

  • Doctors who care for the sick must understand what man is, what life is, and what health is, and how the balance and harmony of these elements sustains them.