Laser in dentistry

Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. At Vinci Clinic, laser is used in almost all fields of dentistry – among others in periodontics, maxillofacial surgery and conservative dentistry. The major advantages of laser therapy include minimally invasive treatment, greater comfort of the procedure, reduced bleeding or no bleeding at all, and much shorter healing time.

We have 30 years of experience in laser therapy. Since the beginning of 2022, we have been using the most technologically advanced LightWalker laser by Fotona, which also allows us to perform esthetic medicine procedures.

Laser therapy – or more precisely laser biostimulation – is a non-invasive, effective therapy method used in the treatment of periodontal problems and fight caries, as well as in surgery, endodontics and implantology. Laser application unblocks and accelerates the biochemical processes that take place in the oral tissues, thereby facilitating healing and providing therapeutic effects.

Laser therapy is used in the following procedures and clinical situations:

  • removing swelling after tooth extraction or resection
  • eliminating aphthae inside the oral cavity
  • treating mucositis
  • healing prosthetic pressure sores
  • erupting wisdom teeth (eliminating pain, relieving lockjaw and stimulating the tooth to erupt)

Laser in dentistry:

  • faster tissue regeneration and postoperative healing
  • elimination of pain and inflammatory symptoms
  • aseptic therapy (no infection)
  • painless procedure and greater comfort