Medical consultation

A thorough and properly conducted examination of the patient plays an extremely important role in making an accurate diagnosis and then treatment planning. This includes a detailed medical history and a thorough physical examination. If the patient does not have a current X-ray, a 3D CT scan is necessary. Based on that, the doctor – as part of the consultation process – determines the patient’s most important health needs and then plans the course of the entire treatment.

Patient examination
PLN 120-200

Radiographic diagnostics

X-ray imaging is an essential part of a properly performed examination. The more precise it is, the more valuable information it provides to the doctor. X-ray imaging can help detect pathological conditions (caries, cysts, inflammations, tumors), which very often do not cause any symptoms and pain but may pose a great threat to the patient’s health. Therefore, three-dimensional tomography is the examination of choice at our clinic (using cone beam computed tomography – CBCT), which provides the most precise imaging of all anatomical structures. When carrying out this type of examination, we are not limited to a small area, but obtain an image of the entire maxilla and mandible, temporomandibular joints, maxillary sinuses and other important craniofacial structures.

X-ray of a single tooth
PLN 40
Pantomographic examination
PLN 170
Cephalometric examination
PLN 170
3D tomography
PLN 190 – 370


Procedures performed at Vinci Clinic are done under local anesthesia, if necessary. Special carpula syringes and small diameter needles are used for this purpose. It is also possible to administer anesthesia using computer-controlled devices.
We make every effort to ensure that the anesthesia procedure itself is completely painless and safe, and the effect achieved ensures patient comfort throughout the entire treatment.

Topical anesthesia
PLN 50 - 130

Implant prosthetics

Replacing missing teeth with implants is one of the greatest advances in modern dentistry. At Vinci Clinic, we use six different implant systems that are recommended – depending on the anatomical conditions in the patient’s mouth. We can replace a single missing tooth as well as treat complete edentulousness. It is not necessary to replace every missing tooth with a single implant. For effective implantation of the entire edentulous jaw or mandible, four implants are sufficient, which later provide support for an overdenture – such a procedure can be performed in just one day. A bridge-type restoration supported by two, three or more implants is an excellent solution for treating extensive missing teeth. All of the systems we use in our clinic have been applied successfully for 20–40 years, which has been confirmed by numerous scientific studies.

Implant placement
PLN 1800 – 4500
Implant-supported crown
PLN 3400 – 4100
Overdenture on four implants
from 9800 PLN


Thanks to modern prosthetics, it is possible to replace missing teeth even in the most difficult clinical situations. We make permanent restorations (crowns, bridges) that allow the patient to forget they have no teeth (the patient does not have to take the restoration out every day). If the patient has a missing tooth, we offer so-called removable acrylic, skeletal and flexible dentures.
The decision on the type of material is made by the doctor, taking into account the prosthetic conditions in the patient’s mouth. Note! Using an “expensive” material does not always guarantee a good result in a particular situation.
The materials used at Vinci Clinic to make prosthetic restorations are certified and do not cause allergic reactions.

Complete acrylic denture
PLN 2450
Flexible denture
PLN 2850
Skeletal denture
PLN 2750
Porcelain crown on metal
PLN 1350 – 2250
All-ceramic crown
from 3400 PLN

Esthetic and functional occlusal reconstructions

At Vinci Clinic, we believe that no esthetic effect is long-lasting without proper function of the masticatory system. In order for function to be correct after restoration of damaged teeth, an occlusion analysis (correct contact between upper and lower teeth) must be performed, and temporomandibular joint stability and proper muscle function must be assessed.
After evaluating occlusal conditions and function, the dentist plans the reconstruction of the masticatory system, restoration of dentition, replacement of missing teeth and proposes to the patient the use of crowns, bridges, veneers or direct restoration with composite materials.

DAWSON occlusion analysis
PLN 850 - 1950
Porcelain veneer
from 3600 PLN

Dental surgery

In order to limit trauma of the procedures undertaken at Vinci Clinic, all dental surgery procedures are performed under local anesthesia and with respect for the surrounding tissues. To minimize bone loss,regenerates lost tissue, but also provides better and faster wound healing. teeth are extracted in an atraumatic way, without damaging the bone structure or gums. This type of procedure is of great importance when the missing tooth is later reconstructed with an implant (lack of bone). During a tooth extraction procedure at Vinci Clinic, we apply regenerative procedures using autogenous materials (platelet-rich fibrin obtained from the patient’s blood and bone material). The use of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) greatly regenerates lost tissue, but also provides better and faster wound healing.

Atraumatic tooth extraction
PLN 290 – 550
Wisdom tooth removal
PLN 580 – 1150
Guided bone and soft tissue regeneration
PLN 1000 – 3800
Bone augmentation with platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)
PLN 460 – 750
Surgical procedure using Er:YAG laser
PLN 240 – 850
Extensive surgery, complex surgery, multiple extractions, grafts
Price determined individually
Root apex resection
PLN 950 – 1650


At Vinci Clinic, we follow the principle “First, do no harm”, therefore orthodontic treatment in 90% of cases is performed with the use of Invisalign system. Only when it is necessary, we offer treatment with fixed braces, which is burdened with a lot of inconveniences and possible complications. Fixed braces need to be used 2–3 times longer, cause pain, can result in secondary caries, and cause bone loss around the teeth. With Invisalign, we use artificial intelligence to custom design the treatment for each patient individually. It is relatively short (takes about 6 months), and – thanks to computer visualization – its final effect can be seen even before the therapy begins. The most appreciated advantage of this system is the lack of pain, esthetic look (transparent elements placed on the teeth are invisible) and the fact that the costs are similar in comparison with traditional treatment.

Invisalign treatment
from PLN 8500

Conservative dentistry

This term refers mainly to the so-called dental treatment, i.e. placing fillings. Treating caries involves removing affected or damaged dental hard tissues and replacing them with dental restorative materials. A more precise term would be restorative dentistry where the dentist restores missing tooth tissue directly in the patient’s mouth (fillings) or indirectly with inlays, onlays or overlays. Inlays, onlays and overlays are made outside the patient’s mouth by a dental technician or with the use of a computer program (CAD/CAM) and cemented by the doctor during the next visit.
At Vinci Clinic, we use both types of fillings and only certified and proven materials.

Filling a cavity
PLN 290 – 630
Direct restoration of a tooth
PLN 400 – 1120
Indirect restoration of a tooth – inlay, onlay, overlay
PLN 1450 – 2050

Prevention of periodontal diseases and caries

We attach great importance to hygienization procedures, which are essential in the prevention of periodontal disease and caries. Comprehensive hygienization involves not only scaling and sandblasting (polishing) of the visible parts of the tooth, but also of the subgingival area. Gingival pockets (the space between the tooth and the gum) are about 3–5 mm deep, and in case of an inflammation these pockets can be up to twice as deep. To avoid damaging the subgingival area during the cleaning process, we normally use a special device called Cavitron. The periodontal treatment performed in this way is safe for teeth and gums and – which is particularly appreciated by patients – completely painless.

Comprehensive oral hygiene with oral hygiene instruction
PLN 350
Periodontal treatment (hygienization procedure with curettage) using Cavitron
PLN 480 – 670

Pediatric dentistry

We believe that prevention is better than cure, and this applies especially to our youngest patients. It is best to familiarize your child with the office, the doctor, the assistants, and the instruments when treatment is not yet required. Adaptation visits are extremely important at our clinic. They allow small patients to get used to the environment of the surgery and have no bad associations with a visit to the dentist. As part of prevention we perform, among others, procedures of teeth sealing, which allows those places where caries develops most frequently to be protected.

Deciduous tooth filling
PLN 150 – 200
Deciduous tooth removal
PLN 150 – 250
Sealing of permanent teeth
PLN 160 – 220
Teeth cleaning and fluoride application
PLN 110 – 200

Endodontics (root canal treatment)

Root canal treatment is the last resort in case of dental pulp inflammation caused by caries or overloading of the tooth, as well as due to malocclusion or occlusal disease. Under effective anesthesia and after removing inflamed tissues from the tooth canals, the doctor fills them very tightly with the appropriate material using a special device. The dentist uses a microscope in order not to miss any small canals, invisible to the naked eye. The entire root canal treatment procedure is performed with the use of a rubber dam, which isolates the treated tooth from the oral environment. The treatment is then safe and comfortable for the patient, because all the medications administered to clean the dental canals and destroy bacteria do not enter the mouth and throat.

Root canal treatment of a tooth (including control X-rays)
PLN 780 – 1950 zł