Oral soft tissue diseases, which affect a high percentage of patients, are a serious problem. If left untreated, they lead to tooth loss and dangerous systemic diseases. Experienced doctors at Vinci Clinic will make sure to not only stop the progressing disease process, but also reverse it. This way all our patients can enjoy healthy and beautiful gums.

Periodontology deals with disorders of the tissues surrounding teeth – jointly referred to as the periodontium – and diseases of the oral mucosa. Periodontal problems are manifested by gum redness and bleeding, exposure of tooth necks and roots, bone atrophy and loosening of teeth, formation of pathological periodontal pockets and accompanying periodontal abscesses, bad breath, and tooth loss in the final stage of the disease. Treating periodontal diseases requires appropriate hygienization procedures to be performed both in the office and independently by the patient at home. The aim of surgical procedures on periodontal tissues is to ensure their favorable shaping, which subsequently reduces the number of places where pathogens can develop and grow. Additionally, it facilitates maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Do you know how periodontal disease originates?

Periodontitis is the result of the action of bacteria that develop on dental plaque. Harmful microorganisms also colonize gums and initiate inflammatory processes. Among other things, they cause periodontitis and enlargement of pathological gingival pockets. Over time, they lead to recession (atrophy) of gums and exposure of roots (periodontitis). This process can result in the loosening of teeth and even bone loss.