Almost everyone has heard the slogan that “prevention is better than cure”! At Vinci Clinic, we are constantly reminded of the importance of proper oral hygiene to your health – as regards both standard home treatments and those we offer at our clinic.

What is prevention?

Preventive dental care refers to a variety of activities that are intended to prevent oral diseases and, in some cases, diseases of the entire body. When a dentist inspects a patient’s mouth, they are often able to notice symptoms that may indicate the development of many dangerous diseases, such as diabetes, anemia, cancer, and bulimia. They should then inform the patient about them and refer him or her for additional tests as well as point out those factors that contribute to the development of the particular disease and describe ways to avoid it.

Caries prevention

At Vinci Clinic, we do not equate preventive dental care with oral hygiene procedures only. Preventive dentistry encompasses a variety of measures aimed at combating or weakening risk factors and strengthening protective factors – both with reference to oral health and the health of the whole body. Our dentists actively provide:

  • caries prevention
  • cancer prevention
  • broadly defined health promotion.

As part of caries prevention:

  • The dentist evaluates the patient’s oral hygiene and determines the risk of caries and periodontal diseases.
  • Offers the patient an Individual Hygiene Program, which takes into account the conditions of the patient’s oral cavity. When working out this program, the dentist takes into consideration the structure of dentition, periodontal condition, and even psychophysical predispositions of the patient (accuracy, manual dexterity, patience).
  • Provides hygiene instructions, including selection of the appropriate toothbrush, toothpaste, and aids (floss, rinses, interdental brushes, etc.). Teaches the patient proper brushing technique and flossing of the proximal surfaces of the teeth.
  • If necessary, offers the patient additional hygienic and prophylactic treatments.

Our goal is not just to cure diseased teeth. At Vinci Clinic, we look at the patient’s body holistically, which means that we feel responsible for a correct diagnosis, for finding or ruling out the cause of an infection inside the patient’s oral cavity, and for providing treatment that will allow the patient to recover or at least inhibit the development of a systemic disease.

Health promotion in a dental office

Poor diet is among the factors that contribute to the development of diseases such as periodontitis, dental caries or acid erosion of enamel. At our clinic, we provide dietary instructions, which involve analyzing the patient’s eating habits. We make adjustments to the patient’s daily menu and recommend eliminating those foods that negatively affect dentition. In many cases, we also ask patients to follow dietary recommendations as regards the frequency, quantity and quality of food intake, and we support tobacco addicts in quitting this pernicious habit.

Many general health problems originate from dentition

As part of health promotion, we also make our patients aware of the serious consequences that oral negligence has on the entire body. Inadequate hygiene and lack of systematic treatment often become the cause of acute dentoalveolar infections, which can threaten the health or even life of the patient. The resulting inflammatory foci in the oral cavity are responsible for ‘spreading’ toxic bacteria throughout the body and contribute to the development of many dangerous diseases. Nephritis, coronary artery disease, heart disease, diabetes, heart attack, weaker immunity, rheumatic disease, purulent meningitis, retinal diseases, cancer – all these serious ailments often have their origin in neglected teeth. Unfortunately, few people are aware of the systemic consequences resulting from poor oral health. At our clinic, we try to make patients aware of this problem and warn them of the negative consequences of neglect.