Modern endodontics at Vinci Clinic means precision and perfection on a micro scale. Whenever possible, root canal treatment is performed during a single visit. Before treatment, we perform ultra-low-dose real-time X-ray imaging or a detailed CT scan. Thanks to effective electronic anesthesia, root canal treatment at Vinci Clinic is completely painless. We always place a rubber dam, a flexible isolation that makes the procedure extremely comfortable and safe for the patient. This way, the risk of an additional infection of the tooth is eliminated. We use non-toxic, durable and biocompatible materials to fill root canals.

Root canal treatment is one of those dental procedures which patients are most concerned about. That’s groundless. Experienced doctors at Vinci Clinic conduct endodontic treatment with great precision (under magnification – microscope, magnifying glasses) and with the use of a rubber dam (to protect the patient’s oral cavity). The treatment is preceded by a thorough examination using CBCT, an endometer and, of course, after the application of effective anesthesia.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, involves the removal of bacteria-infected pulp from the tooth chamber and root canals, which patients colloquially (but not quite correctly) call the nerve. In fact, the pulp is a delicate, gelatinous tissue that is extremely richly innervated and vascularized. It has primarily a nutritional function and enables tissue repair (dentin formation). Another important function of the pulp is the sensory function, which involves recording pain regardless of the location or type of stimulus.