Conservative dentistry

This term refers mainly to the so-called dental treatment, i.e. placing fillings. Treating caries involves removing affected or damaged dental hard tissues and replacing them with dental restorative materials. A more precise term would be restorative dentistry where the dentist restores missing tooth tissue directly in the patient’s mouth (fillings) or indirectly with inlays, onlays or overlays. Inlays, onlays and overlays are made outside the patient’s mouth by a dental technician or with the use of a computer program (CAD/CAM) and cemented by the doctor during the next visit.
At Vinci Clinic, we use both types of fillings and only certified and proven materials.

Filling a cavity
PLN 290 – 630
Direct restoration of a tooth
PLN 400 – 1120
Indirect restoration of a tooth – inlay, onlay, overlay
PLN 1450 – 2050