Dental surgery

In order to limit trauma of the procedures undertaken at Vinci Clinic, all dental surgery procedures are performed under local anesthesia and with respect for the surrounding tissues. To minimize bone loss,regenerates lost tissue, but also provides better and faster wound healing. teeth are extracted in an atraumatic way, without damaging the bone structure or gums. This type of procedure is of great importance when the missing tooth is later reconstructed with an implant (lack of bone). During a tooth extraction procedure at Vinci Clinic, we apply regenerative procedures using autogenous materials (platelet-rich fibrin obtained from the patient’s blood and bone material). The use of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) greatly regenerates lost tissue, but also provides better and faster wound healing.

Atraumatic tooth extraction
PLN 290 – 550
Wisdom tooth removal
PLN 580 – 1150
Guided bone and soft tissue regeneration
PLN 1000 – 3800
Bone augmentation with platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)
PLN 460 – 750
Surgical procedure using Er:YAG laser
PLN 240 – 850
Extensive surgery, complex surgery, multiple extractions, grafts
Price determined individually
Root apex resection
PLN 950 – 1650