Implant prosthetics

Replacing missing teeth with implants is one of the greatest advances in modern dentistry. At Vinci Clinic, we use six different implant systems that are recommended – depending on the anatomical conditions in the patient’s mouth. We can replace a single missing tooth as well as treat complete edentulousness. It is not necessary to replace every missing tooth with a single implant. For effective implantation of the entire edentulous jaw or mandible, four implants are sufficient, which later provide support for an overdenture – such a procedure can be performed in just one day. A bridge-type restoration supported by two, three or more implants is an excellent solution for treating extensive missing teeth. All of the systems we use in our clinic have been applied successfully for 20–40 years, which has been confirmed by numerous scientific studies.

Implant placement
PLN 1800 – 4500
Implant-supported crown
PLN 3400 – 4100
Overdenture on four implants
from 9800 PLN