At Vinci Clinic, we follow the principle “First, do no harm”, therefore orthodontic treatment in 90% of cases is performed with the use of Invisalign system. Only when it is necessary, we offer treatment with fixed braces, which is burdened with a lot of inconveniences and possible complications. Fixed braces need to be used 2–3 times longer, cause pain, can result in secondary caries, and cause bone loss around the teeth. With Invisalign, we use artificial intelligence to custom design the treatment for each patient individually. It is relatively short (takes about 6 months), and – thanks to computer visualization – its final effect can be seen even before the therapy begins. The most appreciated advantage of this system is the lack of pain, esthetic look (transparent elements placed on the teeth are invisible) and the fact that the costs are similar in comparison with traditional treatment.

Invisalign treatment
from PLN 8500