Prevention of periodontal diseases and caries

We attach great importance to hygienization procedures, which are essential in the prevention of periodontal disease and caries. Comprehensive hygienization involves not only scaling and sandblasting (polishing) of the visible parts of the tooth, but also of the subgingival area. Gingival pockets (the space between the tooth and the gum) are about 3–5 mm deep, and in case of an inflammation these pockets can be up to twice as deep. To avoid damaging the subgingival area during the cleaning process, we normally use a special device called Cavitron. The periodontal treatment performed in this way is safe for teeth and gums and – which is particularly appreciated by patients – completely painless.

Comprehensive oral hygiene with oral hygiene instruction
PLN 350
Periodontal treatment (hygienization procedure with curettage) using Cavitron
PLN 480 – 670