Thanks to modern prosthetics, it is possible to replace missing teeth even in the most difficult clinical situations. We make permanent restorations (crowns, bridges) that allow the patient to forget they have no teeth (the patient does not have to take the restoration out every day). If the patient has a missing tooth, we offer so-called removable acrylic, skeletal and flexible dentures.
The decision on the type of material is made by the doctor, taking into account the prosthetic conditions in the patient’s mouth. Note! Using an “expensive” material does not always guarantee a good result in a particular situation.
The materials used at Vinci Clinic to make prosthetic restorations are certified and do not cause allergic reactions.

Complete acrylic denture
PLN 2450
Flexible denture
PLN 2850
Skeletal denture
PLN 2750
Porcelain crown on metal
PLN 1350 – 2250
All-ceramic crown
from 3400 PLN