Radiographic diagnostics

X-ray imaging is an essential part of a properly performed examination. The more precise it is, the more valuable information it provides to the doctor. X-ray imaging can help detect pathological conditions (caries, cysts, inflammations, tumors), which very often do not cause any symptoms and pain but may pose a great threat to the patient’s health. Therefore, three-dimensional tomography is the examination of choice at our clinic (using cone beam computed tomography – CBCT), which provides the most precise imaging of all anatomical structures. When carrying out this type of examination, we are not limited to a small area, but obtain an image of the entire maxilla and mandible, temporomandibular joints, maxillary sinuses and other important craniofacial structures.

X-ray of a single tooth
PLN 40
Pantomographic examination
PLN 170
Cephalometric examination
PLN 170
3D tomography
PLN 190 – 370