Magdalena Maria Kercz DDS M. Sc


I was interested in dentistry already in high school. I even studied it half a year longer because of my continuing education at a university in the Netherlands through the Erasmus program. Then I became convinced that we shouldn’t have any complexes, and we can be proud of the level of dentistry in our country.

I did my internship at Vinci Clinic among doctors and specialists who are passionate about their work. It was extremely intense, but at the same time interesting and valuable in terms of a holistic view for the patient. Moreover, I acquired good habits of comprehensive treatment, which is extremely significant to a young doctor. To meet the challenges and match the best, I spent hundreds of hours in training and post-graduate studies at home and abroad. Among other things, I completed a one-year course at Dawson Academy (USA) and studied in Luxembourg (University for Digital Technologies in Medicine and Dentistry) where I obtained the title of Master of Science in Periodontology and Implantology. The knowledge and skills gained there allow me to solve complex problems and treat dysfunctions of our patients’ masticatory organ in a comprehensive manner.