mrg Mariusz Paliświat


I devoted my youth to playing competitive sports and – as a member of the national team in weightlifting – I was a multiple medalist at Polish championships. Professional sports are not always good for your health, and that’s what happened in my case. I stopped being a weightlifter and started my education in physiotherapy and rehabilitation to help people who are in a similar situation as me (I have supervised and taken care of many outstanding athletes so far).

I have participated in numerous courses in manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, needle therapy and osteopathic medicine, instrument therapy, craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation. I’m a member of the Polish Society of Manual Holistic Therapy. I usually deal with patients with pain and suffering from functional disorders as well as psychosomatic disorders. Inspired by doctor Tomasz Maria Kercz and the problem of increasingly common craniomandibular and spinal dysfunctions, I have been working at Vinci Clinic for several years now, where we solve our patients’ problems together as a team. I’m an enthusiast and popularizer of active and healthy lifestyle.